by Andrew Marre

As I sit and write, the rain is pouring down outside, the Rawdon Creek is as high as anyone living here can remember at this time of year and it barely seems like Spring. But it IS Spring, as you can tell from the daffodils, the tulips and all the other plants coming into flower, despite the cool damp weather.

Spring in Canada; a time of youth – all the birds busy making nests and laying eggs and preparing for their young. And it is an appropriate season for Canada, because we are a young country, 150 years young! There can’t be anyone in Canada who doesn’t know that this coming July 1 will be Canada’s 150th birthday, and I daresay that most of us will be partying, raising a glass and enjoying a firework or two.

But you can start the party a little earlier at the Stirling Festival Theatre in the upstairs Eugene Burrell Hall. On May 13 at 8:00 pm, come and celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday with songs and stories about the birth of our great nation. In Becoming Canada, Ken MacDougall (the author and director of many of our Pantos and other shows) takes you on an intimate journey through the stories and characters from the War of 1812 era.

Ken’s one-man story-telling experience remembers such heroes as Laura Secord, General Isaac Brock and the great Shawnee leader, Tecumseh. Come enjoy a light and entertaining recollection of a forgotten time in our young country’s history. Tickets are only $20 plus applicable taxes and fees – and, of course, the bar will be open and refreshments will be available throughout the show.

The next show on May 26, also in the Eugene Burrell Hall, is Suddenly Mommy, starring Anne Marie Scheffler, whose shows have had terrific reviews in Toronto (“Sheffler simply sparkles”), Winnipeg (“hilariously funny and charming”), and elsewhere. CBC Radio said: “She is a charismatic, sparkling performer”. The Winnipeg Free Press said of this show “Hilariously funny and charming! A comedy about the struggles of attempting to be a super mom and having it all. Who couldn’t love a comedian that takes shots at Supernanny and Celine Dion all at once?” Tickets for this great show are only $20, plus applicable taxes and fees.

You can book for all our shows online at, in person at our Box Office or on 613-395-2100. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter.