THE ROARING 20’s with an AI Twist, Belleville Intelligencer, Mar 14, 2023

By Postmedia Staff


Stirling Festival Theatre is partnering with the Imperfect Librarians for a fundraiser for the theatre’s new marquee on March 25.

In 2020, the theatre’s marquee had to be torn down as it was in danger of collapsing. Help us raise money so we can raise the marquee once again.=

Raising the Marquee will entail music from the Roaring 20’s and a play reading of a radio show from the 1920’s. The show will culminate with the reading of a radio play that was created by Artificial Intelligence. By using the popular Chat GPT, the creators will ask the AI to create a new radio play to be read by the performers.

After the show, the first one hundred patrons to buy tickets will be invited to the Eugene Burrell Upper Hall for more live music.

The unique show will feature a cast of professional actors including Deborah Tennant (Schitt’s Creek, Murdoch Mysteries and Shazam) and Ryan Whittal (one of the theatre’s popular panto performers).

The show is the first in a series of fundraisers aimed at raising money to make improvements to the Stirling Theatre to prepare for the building’s 100th birthday coming in 2027.

For tickets, go to or call (613)-395-2100.