‘A Partnership between Your Business and the SFT’

Sponsorship between a business and a not-for-profit charitable organization, such as the Stirling Festival Theatre Inc, demonstrates a strong partnership that yields mutual benefits for both parties.

Your business receives access to the commercial potential and exposure to new markets associated with the SFT’s unique events and activities. In turn, your sponsorship provides added revenues that allows our charitable organization to meet our goals.

  • Lobby Sponsor Board, 2018

    A sponsorship relationship is based on a business proposal with mutually-agreed upon rights and benefits for both parties. For a list of SFT Sponsor Benefits including logo/corporate name recognition, website links, complimentary tickets and more, click here.

  • Sponsorship has a material advantage to the business in terms of raising their public profile and to increase positive awareness of the company or product by associating it with a good cause.
  • Sponsorship is highly public.
  • Businesses typically strive to build a relationship with the organization, and vice versa and they both continue to develop and evolve this relationship over time.
  • Sponsorship expenses are not eligible for a charitable tax receipt. The Canada Revenue Agency perceives the sponsoring business to be receiving a right, a privilege, a benefit or an advantage for their payment to the charity therefore no receipt may be issued.

The Stirling Festival Theatre Inc. has a strong commitment to providing the best possible theatre experience at the lowest possible price. Ticket sales alone can only cover about 65% of the cost of producing and presenting professional theatre and other entertainment. This is why sponsorship is crucial to the work we do, and the theatre we provide. But it’s also crucial to you and your business. The Ontario Arts Council reports in a recent study on the value professional theatre brings to a community, that for every dollar spent on a theatre ticket, four more are directly spent in the community. So for every $25 in ticket sales, businesses in this area could see $100 worth of retail sales and experience.

If you are interested in becoming an SFT Sponsor at any level or wish more information, please contact the SFT for more details and discussion.