by Ken McDougall

Well, here we are in November. October is behind us and the Halloween costumes are put away. We here at the Stirling Festival Theatre are getting new costumes together. Panto costumes.

That’s right, Stirling’s musical comedy panto is just around the corner. Little Red is coming to Stirling and she is tougher than ever. Our little Red story picks up where the original fairy tale leaves off. This time, an older, wiser Little Red heads off into the forest to visit her Aunt Violet. Our hero has been taking Mixed Martial Arts lessons and has watched Wonder Woman ten times. The Big Bad Wolf better look out.

A lot of our old friends and panto favourites are back. Stefne Mercedes plays Little Red. You might remember her as Gayle from last year’s Jack and the Beanstalk (HIEEEEEEE!). JP Baldwin is back as Mr. Maple and takes the reins as choreographer. Foxboro’s own Dan Curtis Thompson plays Boy Blue and Megan Poole returns as Jade.

We also have some new friends joining us this year- Daniel Abrahamson will be the Big Bad Wolf and Nicola Hadjis takes on the role of Amber.

As Aunt Violet, an old friend returns to the SFT after more than a decade. We welcome Sal Figliomeni back. Some of you may remember Sal as Buttons in both versions of Cinderella, many moons ago.

Tickets are already selling fast. Whenever I go into the box office, the phones are ringing and people are buying for all shows (Family/Naughty/New Year’s Eve). Little Red runs from November 24th until December 31st. Call the SFT box office (613-395-2100) or visit the website (

I look forward to seeing you there.