Founding Board Members

After much research and many discussions, meetings and approvals throughout the Summer and Fall of 1996 regarding the potential of a professional theatre company operating out of the historic Stirling Theatre in Stirling, ON, a new Canadian theatre company was founded.

The Stirling Festival Theatre Inc. became a Provincially Incorporated Not-for-Profit and received our approved Letters Patent effective November 18, 1996.

Letters Patent, now known as Articles of Incorporation, are issued by the Ontario government and set out the name of a not-for-profit, its purpose, the location of its head office and the names of its founding Board of Directors:

Alex Winkler, Chair

Marian Bastedo

Alan Coxwell

Ruth Potts

Marilyn Holden

Bob Barlas

Larry Groves

The SFT obtained Federal Registered Charity status on November 1, 1996. A registered charity is a special type of not-for-profit organization or corporation. Unlike a regular not-for-profit, a registered charity may:

  • Issue tax receipts
  • Receive donations from other charities
  • Not pay income tax
  • Be exempt from charging HST for many services
  • Be eligible to claim tax rebates for HST paid

Our Federal Business Number is: 89279 4868 RR001