FAQs – Young Company

Q: Is there a charge to be in the SFT Young Company?
A: There is no charge!


Q: Where are the rehearsals and the performances?
A:  All of the rehearsals will be at SFT, either onstage or in the upstairs Eugene Burrell Hall. Performances are on the Main Stage.


Q:  How old do I need to be to audition?
A:  Each production has different age requirements. Please check back and the age range will be included in the audition notice for the next show.


Q:  Do I have to have an audition piece ready?
A:  Yes. Please have a song and a one to two minute audition piece (monologue or spoken word piece) ready. We will not be timing it so don’t worry if it is a bit shorter or longer. You will need to bring a CD with backing tracks or sing a cappella (without musical accompaniment).


Q:  Will I have to buy costumes or make-up?
A:  You may be asked to provide a few small things that you probably already have at home (shoes, etc.), but we will provide you with any costumes or make-up specific to your role.


Q:  What if I have an emergency and have to miss rehearsal?
A:  We make exceptions for emergencies, bad weather, illness etc. – but other than those extreme circumstances, you cannot unexpectedly miss rehearsal or, of course, a performance.


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Please email e-mail your questions to Ken MacDougall, Artistic Director at:

admin@stirlingfestivaltheatre.com or call the Theatre at 613-395-2100 / 877-312-1161.