Beyond the Doors

A community outreach initiative for the Stirling Festival Theatre is ‘Beyond the Doors’.

Theatre is about community. When we sit together in a theatre and watch a play, we are having a communal experience. Stirling Festival Theatre wants to continue our community building and community outreach beyond the doors of the Stirling Theatre. Whenever possible, SFT staff will take part in events outside of the theatre and out in our community at large.


Stirling Festival Theatre built additional partnerships in 2018 and participated in many events outside of the doors of the Stirling Theatre:

Stirling Festival Theatre recognizes the importance of building our community. Stay tuned for our 2019 Beyond the Doors events!  “We grow best when we grow together.”


To discuss how Stirling Festival Theatre’s ‘Beyond the Doors’ community-building initiative might benefit your organization or event, please contact:
  Ken MacDougall, Artistic Director or 613-395-2100, ext 204