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SFT Academy Proudly Presents – SEUSSICAL THE MUSICAL, August 2017

Yes, folks, it’s time for the Stirling Academy’s Summer Musical. The Academy (formerly known as The Young Company) has been responsible for some of the best shows on the Stirling Theatre Stage in recent years. Remember, none of these kids are professionals – many of them have never set foot on the stage before! But for the next few weeks, until the show opens on August 3, they will get the highest class of professional training. How to act, how to sing, how to dance, how to move on stage and much, much more. And how much do they pay
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by Andrew Marre The Board of the SFT has been reviewing the structure of the Theatre for some time. With the recent changes in programming, the Board has concluded that there is no longer a need for a full time Artistic Director, and, consequently David Vanderlip is leaving the Theatre. The Board would like to pay tribute to the work that David has done over the last seven and a half years. In particular, he has been responsible for developing first the Young Company and then its successor, the Academy, into the wonderful organization it now is. We are very
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