Date:  Friday May 26 8:00  Eugene Burrell (Upper) Hall
Limited seating call the Box Office – 613-395-2100

 “Hilariously funny and charming! A comedy about the struggles of attempting to be a super mom and having it all. Who couldn’t love a comedian that takes shots at Supernanny and Celine Dion all at once?”– Winnipeg Free Press“

Anne Marie Scheffler didn’t think motherhood would be this hard. She thought she could be the sexy showbiz mom, with a baby in one arm, a movie script in the other. Her jarring realization otherwise makes for a humorous and entertaining show. Scheffler is a charismatic, sparkling performer.”- CBC Radio“A one-woman show about trading in the world of manicures and Manolos for toddlers and Thomas the Tank Engine”- The Mirror, Toronto“Scheffler simply sparkles!”- The Toronto Star“She’s like a young Betty White!”- San Jose Mercury News“Anne Marie Scheffler is a firecracker on stage!”- Vue Weekly“I was MOVED!! Like I laughed and I cried… you were completely admired and loved and honored. Your vulnerability was palpable. And such heart! It was very moving. THANK YOU for your incredibly inspiring work. And my girlfriend, who is not in the business, but is a mother of two boys, was floored. She completely related, and laughed, and we had a blast together. Thanks.” – David Ludwig“You were beyond amazing. Every single beat, every moment was captivating, funny, really profound. OMG.”- Joe Bodelai

Prices:  All Seats $20

Price does not include HST & Fee.  All tickets booked within two weeks of the show date will be held at the Box Office for pick up so please do not add the mailing fee.