Honkytonk Gal

Date: September 15    7 pm    Main Stage 

HONKYTONKY GAL – A Tribute To Loretta Lynn

Canada’s tribute queen, Amberley Beatty, will set the stage and deliver a spine- tingling concert performance in her new show “Honky Tonk Gal,” a special tribute dedicated to “the first lady of Country music,” the legendary Loretta Lynn. Lynn’s vast body of work, covering more than 6 decades, is what Amberley Beatty describes as “an inspiration gold mine.” This new show will showcase the most popular and best-loved of Loretta Lynn’s songs. Get ready to be moved, mesmerized, and dazzled with this new show, accompanied by a full band. “Honky Tonk Gal” featuring Amberley Beatty as you’ve never seen her before.

  • Members $34 (Please call the Box Office for Member pricing)
  • Srs. $36
  • Non-Members $38
  • Pre-Show Dinner $25

Prices do not include HST and ticket fee.