Sponsors 2018

Our Sponsors are the BEST!

In a world where businesses are asked every day for favours and donations, large and small, we are grateful to those business owners and managers who choose to answer our requests for their help, and do so generously.

Even though SFT has a strong commitment to providing the best possible theatre experience at the lowest possible price, ticket sales alone can only cover about 65% of the cost of producing and presenting professional theatre and other entertainment. This is why sponsorship is crucial to the work we do, and the theatre we provide. But it’s also crucial to you and your business. The Ontario Arts Council reports in a recent study on the value professional theatre brings to a community, that for every dollar spent on a theatre ticket, four more are directly spent in the community. So for every $25 in ticket sales, businesses in this area could see $100 worth of retail sales and experience.

If you are interested in sponsorship at any level for your business, please call the Theatre for more details.




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