Board of Directors

Rear (l to r): Andrew Marre, Dean Graff, Bob Barlas, Middle: Joy Humphrey, Jan Demaray, Kathy Wilson, Front: Charlotte Danford, Nancy Snowdon, Judy Timpson, Joan Wilkinson, (missing from photo: Debbie Ackers, Alison Davies, Tammatha Denyes, Ken MacDougall)

Chair   Nancy Snowdon

Past Chair   Andrew Marre

Treasurer   Joy Humphrey

Secretary   Joan Wilkinson

Debbie Ackers

Bob Barlas

Alison Davies  (on leave)

Jan Demaray

Tammatha Denyes

Dean Graff

Judy Timpson

Kathy Wilson

Artistic Director   Ken MacDougall

General Manager   Charlotte Danford


For Board member biographies, click here.

The Stirling Festival Board of Directors is responsible for the governance and oversight of Stirling Festival Theatre and meets monthly in Stirling 9-10 times per year. The Annual General Meeting is held every March.

Individuals must become SFT Members to serve on the Board.

To inquire about joining the SFT Board or serving on a Board committee, please email Chair, Nancy Snowdon or call 613-395-2100 for more information.