ToboR The RoboT

Date:  March 9 – 17    Main Stage

“ToboR the RoboT”  – SFT YOUNG COMPANY March Break Show 

By Kieren MacMillan and Jeremy Hutton

ToboR the RoboT is what happens when “Pinocchio” meets “The Jetsons”. ToboR, a hapless but loveable domestic robot, just wants to be a real boy. With the help of his trusty robot friends Rusty and Axle, his human friend Sophie, and a cast of colourful characters, ToboR might just get his wish… that is, unless the evil Frequencia Hertz has something to say about it.

Price:  All Tickets $14

Price does not include HST & Fee.  All tickets booked within two weeks of the show date will be held at the Box Office for pick up so please do not add the mailing fee.